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Cobalt X2 with multifrequencies support

CHF 431.00


Cobalt X2 provides a flexible solution for monitoring key environment parameters simultaneously on several pieces of equipment in your lab.

• For monitoring wide temperature ranges, humidity, CO2,
differential pressure, 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, and dry contact
• Supports OCEASOFT Smart-Sensors, digital and Pt100 sensors, and OCEASOFT Atlas and Emerald wireless modules
• Any combination of up to 4 wired and/or Bluetooth wireless sensors (temperature, humidity, % CO2…) (Automatic sensor detection)
• glove-compatible, color touch-screen for easy setup, latest readings, alarm status, alarm acknowledgment with PIN code
• Alarms indicated by flashing lights and buzzer (sound only
when on AC power), and transmitted to OCEAView platform for fast user notification
• Dry contact output for use with external alert devices
• Temperature displayed in °C or °F
• Continuous monitoring with configurable read interval from 4 minutes to 4 hours, or 10 minutes to 4 hours on public LoRaWAN™ networks

• FDA 21 CFR 11, EN 15189, IQ, OQ, HACCP