CleanSpace™ Steri-Plus Filter - Exhalation valve filter (consumable) (Pk 20)

CHF 43.00


The CleanSpace Steri-Plus Exhalation Valve Filter is suitable for use with the CleanSpace HALO. The ‘Steri-Plus’ (CS3038 and CS3039) does not contribute to the system’s respiratory protection and must be used alongside either a CleanSpace HALO HEPA Particulate Filter P SL R (CS3002) or a CleanSpace HALO Bio P3 TM3 Particulate Filter P SL R (CS3025). The Steri-Plus is designed to filter the air exhaled by the wearer and consequently protects those not wearing a respiratory protection system. The Steri-Plus Exhalation Filter should be changed if it has been contaminated with organic solvents (for instance isopropanol, xylene or toluene), if it has become visibly soiled or if it has passed its expiry date.

Note: The Steri-Plus shall only be used in combination with a HALO Half Mask fitted with the Exhalation Valve Cover. The Steri-Plus shall NOT be used with the CS3024 Head Cover.