1_CleanSpace™ HALO Power System (exc mask)

CHF 1'211.00


Battery-powered, positive pressure air-purifying respirator 

Suitable for healthcare, laboratory, pharmaceutical and emergency response. Protection in applications with particulate contaminates and biohazards as well as heavy water and decontamination procedures.

The set consists of the respirator, battery charger, adjustable head harness, interchangeable neck supports for size adjustment, cover for pressure control, storage bag and instruction manual.


  • IP Rating 66 – resistant to dust and liquid ingress
  • Suitable for decontamination procedures
  • Light weight (350g),compact and comfortable
  • Long operating time: up to 9 hours and quick battery recharging: < 2hours
  • AirSensit™ System for mask pressure control and breath responsive airflow
  • One-button system and standby and auto-start/stop mode for quick don/doffing
  • Easy to use support harness
  • Altitude compensated filter blocked detection
  • Easy and accurate flow capability check