3_CleanSpace™ 3 Full Face Mask

CleanSpace™ 3 Full Face Mask SMALL
CHF 380.00
CleanSpace™ 3 Full Face Mask MEDIUM/LARGE
CHF 380.00


CleanSpace HALO Full Face Masks are specifically designed to work to complete the CleanSpace HALO system. Compatible with CleanSpace HALO Respirators, the Full Face Masks clip quickly onto the power units and provide good panoramic vision. Inner Orinasal Masks are made of soft silicone that readily moulds to the face and does not cause allergic dermatitis.

IMPORTANT: If you require intrinsically safe equipment, please consult your site Intrinsically Safe approvals. These Masks are NOT certified intrinsically safe.

For hygienic reasons, this item can only be returned in unopened packaging.